Fri, Aug 14
Honolulu HI
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Giving Thanks

Here as elsewhere, our hearts have turned to the holidays. Thanksgiving in Hawaii is much as it was growing up in Ohio — except for the beach, of course. Yes, we will be going there, as we do every day. And also as we do every day, we will marvel at our good fortune and give thanks. There was no Diamond Head on the horizon in Hudson, nor surfers and rainbows, and I couldn’t stand in the Pacific up to my chin in November and look around at kids of many colors laughing in harmony.

I have been here more than 45 years, and each day is more precious than the last. It’s not that every day is Thanksgiving — turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes with gravy 365 a year? I don’t think so — it’s that every day is special, and I know it.

Mahalo, Hawaii!