Mon, Oct 22
Honolulu HI
Partly cloudy
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Go and Do

In the dark this morning, before I left for golf on the far side of the island, it was raining. I got dressed and hopped into my car anyway, piloting the old Saab onto H1, through Honolulu and toward Ewa, where I had a 7 a.m. tee time. It rained nearly all the way — past Aloha Stadium and Pearl City, even in Kunia, where I turned off and headed makai. Five minutes later I was at the Hawaii Prince Golf Course. It stopped raining.

After golf (don’t ask about my score), I went for a swim and shower in Kahala, baking under the midday sun. In the distance, a rain squall crouched in Hanauma Bay, then sped toward us. Ten minutes later it arrived, and nearly everyone left the beach. Ten minutes after that, it was gone. Beautiful blue skies — and plenty of parking.

If you want to go somewhere and do something on Oahu, go and do. Seldom does rain in one spot dictate what will be happening there in a few minutes, much less what is what is happening elsewhere, now or later.

Aloha, Terry!

No one has done more to enhance this website than my best friend in Hawaii, marvelous photographer Terry O’Halloran. His shots of Oahu are the best we have and the ones we are proudest to display. To see many more of them, head to

In a few short weeks, Terry and his beautiful wife, Ann, will leave Hawaii to travel the world. Maybe they will return, but it’s only a maybe. They are an adaptable couple, ready and able to see the best in every place, and they’ll have no trouble savoring the sweetness of wherever they end up.

Terry and I have been friends for decades. For many years now, every Tuesday morning at dawn has been Terry time. We are golf partners, with emphasis upon the second word. Our membership in the WTNG club (We’re not that good) has been earned the hard way, which comes easy to duffers like us. He is the better golfer, but I don’t let that stop me from thinking otherwise.

At my age, friends leave, one way or another. Of course, they never really do. But the “hello” hugs and the “see you next week” hugs and the hugs in between take more imagination when they’re gone. I’m not yet comfortable with the thought of Terry-hugless Tuesday, and there’s a good chance I’ll never be.

Aloha means many things. With Terry, it could only mean love.

Aloha, Terry.