Tue, Jul 17
Honolulu HI
Partly sunny
Partly sunny with showers
Intermittent clouds
Partly sunny

Spring has sprung.

In our backyard, avocados the size of marbles cluster in little patches on a tree strewn with them. On one of our two mango trees, baby mangoes beam temptingly from lower branches, though harsh valley winds have thrown some to the ground already. Our plumeria tree seems to have exploded overnight, gearing up for May Day. Birds of paradise strut, almost unapproachable in their regal emerald perches.

It’s been dry, but still these signs of Hawaiian spring are posted like politicians’ pleas before elections. Already we are making plans for mangoes on the grill, mango chutney, frozen mango slices lifted from the frig when no one is looking. Chilled avocado soup is on our To Do list this year, too, but it’s been there since 2008. Hmmm …

“Do you have seasons in Hawaii?” mainland friends ask. While you’re here, enjoy some answers. Spring has sprung.

Aloha, Steve!

One of my very best friends just died. Steve Lent’s life was long and good, and what he did made Hawaii, especially Waikiki, a better place. His passing makes me appreciate where I live even more, makes me humbly grateful for the extraordinary blessings that come with every day here.

I mention this now, for you to read, after taking my daily swim. I’m from Ohio, and the Pacific Ocean is not there just yet, so I’ve been going in the water every chance I get for the past 43 years. How could I not? I watch for the green flash and double rainbows, because we didn’t have those in Ohio either, nor plumeria blossoms in the backyard alongside flowering mango and avocado trees.

I’m sure there were and are all sorts of special reasons to celebrate every day where I grew up, but it is here in Hawaii that I found my magic. I pray that this magic blesses you while you’re here, too, and that you’ll take it home and share it, as Steve shared himself with me.

Aloha, Steve!