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Hey, Dude!

Let’s say that, instead of Hawaii, you had gone to a dude ranch for your vacation — where seldom is heard a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day. Well, you can bet your shiny spurs that one discouraging word would be this: Don’t do what you can’t do. If you’re a novice rider, slow down. If you’re a good one, keep your eyes open for danger. Don’t break your pretty neck!

That’s our theme at the moment, too — discouraging words that make sense … words that can possibly save your life. Especially when you go in the water here, as we do every day, make sure you know what you’re doing. Do NOT swim on the North Shore right now, nor get too close to the shoreline. Do NOT bodysurf at Sandy Beach. DO learn to snorkel properly before you enter Hanauma Bay.

For today’s beach and water safety info, DO call 369-3333. And DO call every day. Stay safe … and you’ll have a much better time than you could ever have on a dude ranch!

Safety First

Common-sense safety and breathtaking thrills can be awkward travel mates, but both deserve attention this week. Safety first:

Keeping you safe and happy is our top priority, and we’ll bet it is yours as well. In this vein, we are delighted to partner in the very first daily beach report for visitors.

Shifting conditions at the beaches encircling Oahu call for easily accessible, up-to-date information. Hawaii’s undisputed authority in ocean action is Gary Kewley and his Surf News Network, the go-to place for Hawaii surfers — and now your place to go, too! Every day, before you head to the beach, head to or call 808.369.3333. And we mean every day, please: safety first!

Gary also keeps us posted on this week’s thrills: Monster surf is approaching Oahu’s North Shore, and the fabled “Eddie” may be on. Honoring heroic Eddie Aikau, who died in 1978 trying to save fellow crew members on the Hokulea, our legendary Polynesian sailing canoe, this epic surf event is held only in the biggest conditions. Fifty-footers will arrive on Wednesday afternoon into Thursday, and watching the action is thrilling indeed. Once again, visit or call 808.369.3333 for information.