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All The News That Fits

The New York Times began a recent story on Honolulu noting the ‘fragrance of an orchid lei,’ then recommended Sunday brunch at Halekulani after shopping in Kailua. I’ll bet millions of people saw it, and I am wondering how many of them know that orchid lei (not leis) have no fragrance, and that Kailua Town and Halekulani, the hotel, are on different sides of the island.

We love The Times. We were raised with it, and the crossword puzzle has pride of place in a little room in our house where we spend time every day. It’s a bummer to learn that at least the travel section can’t be trusted, but I guess the truth didn’t fit in the story’s word-count.

Even mighty Google leads us astray. A while ago I searched for ‘Waikiki entertainment,’ just to see what would pop up. Lo and behold, I was urged to see the Don Ho show, which I have done many times. Don and I played golf together, too. Sadly, he passed away a few years back, and there’s some chance that he’s now in a duet with Elvis.

You can trust what you read here. Truth-telling is part of our mission. We share with you what we share with our family and friends. It puts a smile on our faces, and hopefully you’ll be wearing one yourself … today.