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Honolulu HI
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Mostly sunny

Mangoes and Camels

In our backyard are two mango trees. And an avocado tree. And a starfruit tree next door that hangs over the fence.

When we moved in recently, the mangoes on our trees were tiny keiki (children). They were so cute. We couldn’t wait for them to grow up. Then they did, many dozens of them weighing down branches like too-heavy earrings on dowagers’ wrinkled lobes. They grow, they droop, they fall. They’re all over the place. If we started eating them now, we would finish by Christmas. Maybe.

Our mangoes remind me of camels in the Sahara Desert. I crossed it in 1975 with a great friend of mine, Walter Ordway, who just drowned trying to save his dog. When we saw out first wild camel, the Land Rover in which we had hitched a ride slowed to a crawl. We crept as close as we could to the camel, then stopped, carefully and quietly opened the doors, and walked a short distance before dropping to our bellies to take pictures of the beautiful wild being. A camel! Not in a zoo, not with any people. Wild!

Fast forward several days: We’re in the Land Rover still. It is very hot. There are wild camels on the barely visible track across the desert. Lots of wild camels, as there have been for a while now. Beep, beep, beeeeep! We honk the horn loudly. Get out of the damn way, camels!

Be careful what you wish for.

Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away

Climate change is no less real in Hawaii than it is elsewhere. It has been hot, hot, hot here recently, with too little rain. So as much as we worship the beach, if this is a wet weekend … hurray! We have a special section devoted to rainy days, but I’d like to recommend that you stay outside all day long and save the spa and shopping for tonight. Just get an umbrella, pack your bathing suit, towels and an extra set of clothing … and head off for fun and adventure!

Snorkeling, SUPing, swimming and racing along on a catamaran all involve getting wet anyway, so what’s the big deal? (We swim in the rain all the time.) But did you know that Sea Life Park and Kualoa might be even more fun than usual this weekend? There’s a good chance that dozens of waterfalls will lace the valley walls at Kualoa, where ATV rides are obviously more fun in the mud. On the movie tour and jungle tour, the coolness of the day will be a relief as well. At Sea Life Park, the dolphins will be just as happy to see you, and you might want to linger longer at the inside exhibits.

As long as you’re over on that side of the island, be sure to take H3 back to this side. It is probably the most beautiful stretch of highway anywhere … especially in the rain.