Mon, Oct 22
Honolulu HI
Partly cloudy
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Rainy Day Discoveries

It looks like we might have a bit of rain this weekend. Hmmm … what to do? Well, there’s plenty!

First things first: Buy a Hawaii-themed umbrella. Shopping for one that matches your personal style is an adventure unto itself, but ABC Stores is a safe bet. Carrying an umbrella nearly guarantees that it won’t rain, and you’ll have a useful souvenir.

Pack your bathing suit, but wait till the rain starts (if it ever does) before going into the ocean. Crazy, you say. Maybe, but have you ever swum in the rain? You’ll never have a warmer place to do so, and if you lower your body so that your eyes are even with the sea’s surface, you’ll see that raindrops bounce upward as they hit the water. It’s magical.

When you dry off, head to a spa. Few things are as relaxing and energizing as a good massage, and you will have earned it. Then take your pick of an array of places that are just as much fun when it’s raining as when it’s not: Sea Life Park, Bishop Museum, Honolulu Museum of Art, Polynesian Cultural Center, Battleship Missouri, Waikiki Beach Walk and more.

Oops, I see some blue sky popping out from behind the clouds. Hurry up and buy that umbrella!

Yes, Every Day

“Do you live here?” the two ladies asked. “Do you get to see this every day?” I was parked at Sandy Beach (we call it Sandy’s), waiting for my daughter, sleeping in the back seat, to wake up.

“Yes,” I replied with pride. “And every day I’m more grateful than the last.”

As it turns out, there’s no difference between living here for 40 years, as I have, and visiting from South Carolina for a week to open a new Walgreen’s, as these ladies are. Every single day is a thrill. I may have seen 10,000 Oahu rainbows since 1973, but this morning’s is brand-new.

What is brand-new for you today? Have you tried stand-up paddle and cruised close to a Hawaiian sea turtle? You can, you know. Have you seen the whales jumping offshore? They’re there. Will you see the green flash at sunset tonight? It’s real, as is the chance to make this your best day ever … until tomorrow, of course!