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Honolulu HI
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Hawaiian Holidays

President Obama is home for the holidays. He, his wife, their daughters and dogs and his golf clubs are over on the windward side in Kailua, staying through the end of the year. Like you, they’ll be here during an extraordinary season in Hawaii, when everything is just a little bit better, which is saying a lot.

This is when the waves are up on the North Shore, of course — and down in Waikiki, which makes for sweeter sailing and safer swimming and sunset strolls with a special sense of awe: It’s December, and here I am at the beach! It’s when all sorts of local holiday events draw families from their homes to concerts, Santa confabs, Black Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday sales — and to Honolulu City Lights, which you absolutely should not miss!

As it is where you live, this is also a time of great gratitude. Oahu is changing rapidly, but what makes our island so special endures. We thank the heavens above for that, and we thank you for traveling so very far to share it with us.

Happy holidays!