Tue, Jul 17
Honolulu HI
Partly sunny
Partly sunny with showers
Intermittent clouds
Partly sunny

Wake Up!

Typically we awaken fairly early, 5:30 or 6:00, and head outside. Our lanai perches above a stream in Palolo Valley. If you look back toward the mountains from Waikiki, it’s just off to the right, spilling mauka from the friendly neighborhood of Kaimuki. Often rain clouds sprint to the sea just above our head, and if that happens as the sun rises, rich rainbows hang right in front of us. It doesn’t occur every morning, but it’s no surprise to look up from the computer screen and see one.

Many of the best things on Oahu appear early in the morning or at sunset. I suppose that happens everywhere. When you’re on vacation, though, sometimes there can be a strong temptation to sleep late. Resist it, please, at least sometimes. Head down to the beach at dawn, or hop in your car and drive to the windward side even before then to catch the sunrise at Kailua or Lanikai or Makapuu. Like the green flash at sunset, Oahu’s morning magic is very real. And it’s just waiting for you to wake up.