Mon, Oct 22
Honolulu HI
Partly cloudy
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Mahalo, Ana!

Hurricane Ana swooshed precariously close to Oahu last week. We were ready, and then we were relieved and grateful when she bounced off to the west, merely brushing us with her powerful, soaking wet glow. Mahalo, Ana!

In her wake, Ana left a decidedly greener Oahu. As you drive around these days, you’ll be seeing a lusher, richer version of our island than the one here before Ana came a-calling. Look up at the soaring Ko‘olau and Waianae and verdant Diamond Head. You’ll see what we mean.

We did some staring ourselves today, savoring a Koko Head Crater that was magical in the morning light. Her furrows were downright friendly for a change. She looked like a big green bear, fattened up for hibernation. As we sat at Baby Makapu‘u with the kids, the muscled ridge behind us stood guard in its emerald cape, and we felt safe and warm.

Morning is always the best time to witness our wonders, so if you have a chance, hop in a car early, head to the windward side, and get ready to savor some green.

(Dodged) Hurricane Relief

Especially for those of us who remember Hurricanes Iwa and Iniki from the early ’80s and ’90s, the passage of a major storm out of Hawaiian waters brings great relief. If the winds had been just a little bit different over the past couple days, this morning might have welcomed us without the benefits of electricity, running water and all sorts of stuff that we count on. Once again, we dodged a bullet, and today is a day for gratitude and celebration.

The waves are still fairly high, but a walk on the beach can be fun. Giving and wearing a lei makes a lot of sense today. Waterfalls are tumbling down the Ko‘olau, so a drive over the Pali, then back to Honolulu via H3 could be a real treat.

Whatever we do today, we will remember how lucky we are, and we will do our best to share our good fortune with others. That’s what aloha is for.

What To Do on a Rainy Day

Well, we seem to have dodged another hurricane, but this weekend is short on blue skies and sunshine for sure. What to do? Well …

Shop till you drop at local stores in Ward Centers, where you can see a movie. For special gifts, we favor Nohea Gallery and Na Mea. Can’t miss! … Indulge at a spa. After a great massage, you’ll want it to keep raining. Try the Shiatsu & Massge Center at Waikiki Beach Walk. … See the marvelous collections at the Honolulu Museum of Art. The current art deco exhibit is a delight. … Visit Bishop Museum and hear the true story of Hawaii and other Pacific nations. That’s where we’re headed with our three-year-old. … Drive over the Pali, then back to Honolulu via H3 and its waterfalls. Keep your eyes on the road! … Head to the leeward side, where you might find sunshine. While you’re there, check out Wet ‘n’ Wild, rain or no rain. … Go swimming. Really! Raindrops bounce.

Respect the Ocean … PLEASE

Have you ever been in trouble in the ocean? I have, and it’s no fun. My brother had his scary moments, too. So did one of my daughters. And we’re all good swimmers.

I go to the beach nearly every day. It is my church, you could say. Even if I just dash into the water and bolt out for a quick shower before heading off to a business meeting, the touch of the sea makes a difference. I urge you to go into the water yourself every day you’re here.

I also urge you to be careful. If you’re on a beach with a lifeguard, check with him or her before you go in. If there’s no lifeguard, ask others on the beach how conditions are. Don’t swim alone, and don’t go too far out. If the waves look too big, they are.

Somebody drowned here yesterday. It happens all the time. Respect the ocean, please.