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Telling People What To Do

Telling people how to spend their precious time in Hawaii is a responsibility we take very seriously. We have been doing it since 1973, and many millions of travelers have gone to restaurants, shops, attractions, luau and beaches based solely upon what we say. This power is downright daunting, and we are humbled by the opportunity to use it.

Saying that we are friends, you and I, is overreaching. We don’t know each other. But if my best high school buddy from my hometown of Hudson, Ohio, arrived at my doorstep today, I would urge him to do the very same things you will find right here. I trust these people, these places, these experiences. I am convinced that our suggestions will enrich your vacation, maybe even change your life.

We love Hawaii. We awaken grateful every day. We wish you the same.

Down to the Seas

With a tip of our baseball cap to sailor John Masefield, we must go down the seas again ourselves. Indeed, again and again. We go for the same reason — because it thrills us and calms us, making us whole even as it makes the entire day worthwhile, no matter what else happens. WE are not sailors, though: We go to swim and stand-up paddle and play.

I offer this now to those of you lucky enough to be here this week, as Duke’s OceanFest is underway. This marvelous event, now in its 13th year, is a ten-ring circus of beach and ocean activities that you don’t want to miss. Championship surfing, championship SUPing, championship swimming and more: It’s a marvelous display of true watermen and waterwomen at their best, all saluting the memory of the greatest waterman of all, our beloved Duke Kahanamoku.

Down to the seas!

Find Your Rainbow

There is bound to be a rainbow somewhere today. Often they hide in valleys, though sometimes they sprawl over Honolulu like a heavenly yawn or spill from rain clouds offshore. Keep your eyes open and your camera (or phone) ready! Here’s one that visited us recently as we sipped morning coffee on the lanai.

Don’t Mess Around with Hurricanes

Through the years, we’ve had more than our share of false alarms with hurricanes and tsunamis. I remember heading to the hills and cowering in front of the TV for hours, only to watch a six-inch tidal wave amble leisurely into Hilo Harbor, hundreds of miles away. However, we were here in 1982 and 1992, when Hurricane Iwa and Hurricane Iniki hit, and whenever there is a possibility of a storm like those two, we don’t mess around.

Iwa and Iniki blasted Kauai like an industrial leaf-blower pointed at a dainty spider’s web. Buildings collapsed, the whole island shut down, and people died. On Oahu, the waves and wind were ferocious. Our power disappeared. Everything stopped.

We all stick together now when a storm is coming. We pay attention to the Civil Defense warnings. We do what they say to do; we don’t do what they say not to do. We are ‘ohana, family, and you are a member of that family right now. Stay safe.

Stand up and smile!

There’s something about stand-up paddle that makes it more than the best exercise ever or a fun way to see turtles and tropical fish. We SUP nearly daily, and the glow lasts for hours. Take a lesson, for sure, not just a board.

Best bet to get up and stay up —
Massimo Sport Hawaii