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Super SUPers

This is a big weekend for some of the top athletes in the world. Thirty two miles of waves, currents, sharks, beating sun and more lie between Oahu and its sister island of Molokai, whose silhouette you can see easily on a clear day from our east side. Across the channel separating these two islands, stand-up paddlers and prone paddlers alike will race against time and each other, but mostly themselves, in the world’s most grueling open-ocean race. Stand-up paddle is the world’s fastest-growing sport. From personal experience, we know how special it can be. This race is nearly beyond our imagination, but recently we accompanied these racers on a “chase boat,” witnessing their pride, passion and power as they tested themselves against the limits of mortality. If you have a chance to welcome Jamie Mitchell, Connor Baxter, Kai Lenny and others as they arrive in Maunalua Bay on Sunday, do so. Someday, SUP will be an Olympic sport, and you’ll be able to say that you saw the very best.